Chiropractor in Farmington Helps You Go From 0 to Awesome in 90 Seconds!

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Here's how to age younger, yup that's right. This 10-minute workout packs a huge punch, and it's not the calories burning. Top Farmington chiropractor wants to help you!

Beginning in our early 20's we lose something. Our growth hormone begins to decline.

Boo...... We need that to keep our metabolism up. That's your energy level.

Exercise like this to boost your growth hormone naturally.

Exercises To Help Become Awesome in Farmington

It's called the Tabata Set, named after the guy that created it.

It gives the biggest boost to growth hormone, with the least time and effort.

Warm up for 10-15 minutes.

Do 30 seconds of maximum intensity effort, like a sprint.

Rest for 30 seconds.

Do 60 seconds of easy effort, like walking.

Repeat 5 times. There you have it, a maximum boost in growth hormone. Enjoy the high.

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