Farmington Chiropractor Talks About Pro-Biotic and Antibiotic Use

Farmington Chiropractor Talks About Pro-Biotic and Antibiotic Use

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A Smoky day.

There is alot of smoke in the Farmington valley today. There has been this month....

Because it's allergy season, and because of the smoke, we have been seeing a lot of people with sinus infections.

It's been bad enough that antibiotics are a necessity for many folks.

When antibiotics are a must, follow the course of care through to the end.

It's important.

You DO NOT want a re-infection.

Unfortunately, those antibiotics are not too friendly for your gut bacteria.....

Your much needed and very supportive gut bacteria take the same punch as your sinus infection.

With lowered gut bacteria you don't make your B vitamins very well.

You arn't able to digest fiber very well.

AND, to add insult to injury, the least helpful sometimes just plain unhealthy gut bacteria can be the first to return.

Because they often grow the fastest.

This is the perfect time to use a pro-biotic supplement.

It will help to protect you and your digestion while your normal gut bugs recover.

If you find yourself on an antibiotic for infection, consider protecting your gut!

For the souls fighting the fires, and those families affected, our hearts, hope, and prayers are with you.

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