Should I Heat Or Ice An Injury In Farmington?

Should I Heat Or Ice An Injury In Farmington?

Heat or Ice an Injury in Farmington NM

It happens... You're playing ball, biking, running.....

Just walking to the car, and you sprain your ankle.

Twisting your ankle hurts! You want to take care of it and keep going.

What you do in the next 72 hours are the most important.

Should you use heat? Should you use ice?

Should you limp yourself into the clinic?

Even a minor sprain/strain injury will benefit from conservative muscle work and massage, but if your new injury starts to show bruising you can be certain it's best to get it checked out.

Certain injuries can cause ligament tearing or even cracked bones.

Those kinds of injuries tend to cause bruising. That's why they should get extra attention from a doc.

Most minor sprain/strain injuries can be taken care of at home.

Follow the acronym "RICE."





Top Farmington chiropractor explains that the goal after a new injury is to REDUCE any swelling.

Swelling is the result of inflammation. But you need PROPER inflammation to heal.

Sure taking anti-inflammatory meds will make you FEEL better and reduce swelling.

BUT.... Those meds also STOP the healing process. That is not good for your future health.

Meds are not the best idea in most mild to moderate injuries.

Do you really want to damage your ability to heal?

Treating A New Injury in Farmington

New injuries should be treated with ICE in the first 72 hours.

Ice will reduce swelling, but without stopping the inflammatory healing process.

If the injury happened more than 72 hours ago, there are some general rules of thumb about using ICE and HEAT to help yourself feel better and heal up faster.

ICE those joints.

As a general rule, don't heat a joint. Joint injuries, like whiplash and sprain injuries, respond very well to ICE while pain is present.

IF there is NO joint pain, only stiffness, then you can use heat on a joint to loosen up.

HEAT that muscle.

Muscle injuries, like a torn muscle or muscle sprain, respond much better to heat AFTER the first 72 hours. A little heat will increase blood flow and promote better healing and flexibility.

Very often, the most painful conditions I treat in the clinic were MADE that way AFTER putting HEAT on a NEW injury.

If you HEAT a new injury it will DOUBLE the pain and take longer to fully heal.

A little muscle soreness after a workout should not be considered an injury. Spend some time in the sauna or a hot shower after that.

And there you have it. As a general rule.

ICE those joints.

HEAT that muscle after 72 hours have passed.

Go enjoy yourself and feel awesome! Check out Farmington Lake and Choke Cherry Canyon. Go have an adventure!

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