Stay Hydrated In The Farmington Heat

Stay Hydrated In The Farmington Heat

Health Tips in Farmington NM

It's getting hot!!!

This summer promises to be a bit drier and a little more "bake at 350" than normal....

It can be hard to stay well hydrated in the heat.

Sure it's easy to drink plenty of water, BUT many of us are downing bottled water like we own stock in the company.

Most bottled water is a crappy source of minerals.

Minerals are your electrolytes. You need them to function.

If you drink gallons of filtered, reverse osmosis or distilled water you will flush away your electrolytes pretty darn fast.

You could opt for that old standby, the "sport" drink.

Because corn syrup and food coloring really can make you more "sporty."


You could opt for the much less flashy, but super healthy

Celtic, pronounced Kel-Tic, sea salt.

Add this humble gray salt 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per quart and you have yourself an electrolyte-packed rehydration powerhouse.

Granted, it's not as sporty.

Stay awesome!

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