Naturally Lower Cholesterol in Farmington

Naturally Lower Cholesterol in Farmington

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"I hate how my new cholesterol medication makes me feel. I have no energy and sore all the time." That is what my 88-year-old patient told me yesterday.

"Is there anything else I can do about this?" He asked me.

You bet there is.

Tips by Farmington Chiropractor to Help Improve Your Cholesterol

Cook and eat at home, it is much healthier. Try intermittent fasting. Add vitamin C, curcumin, omega-3 fatty acids, and glutathione as supplements. Increase your healthy sun exposure. Avoid foods with added sugar and take steps to lower your stress level. Stay hydrated.

These are all natural ways to help lower your cholesterol.

High cholesterol is not the problem. It is your body's solution to a problem, and that problem is arterial inflammation.

When your cholesterol is high, it's an indication that your body is trying to combat too much inflammation.

What causes the inflammation?

Convenience foods and stress for most of us.

Convenience food is everything you didn't prepare and cook at home. Food cooked at home is almost always healthier than food from a restaurant, or pre-packaged meals.

There is extra sugar, preservatives and flavor enhancers in convenience foods. Those things taste great but are quite a beating on your body.

Stress boosts stress hormones like cortisol causing more inflammation and faster aging with slower healing times.

Add those together and your body increases cholesterol as a way to try and repair artery damage.

We don't want scabbing to happen when a blood vessel is damaged, that's a blood clot. Instead of that, your body uses cholesterol to patch up the inside wall of blood vessels.

At least it does when everything is working normally and healthily.

Natural anti-inflammatories like Vitamin C and Curcumin can also help as well as certain kinds of glutathione.

Omega-3 fatty acids are potent anti-inflammatories and will also lower blood pressure. They are also vital for cell health.

Increasing healthy sun exposure will lower stress (no problem getting sun here in Farmington), help charge your cells and speed healing as well.

Intermittent fasting gives your body a chance to clean house more often. Most of your detox is done when you are not digesting.

Drink enough water. Just keep some close at hand and most likely you will stay well hydrated.

You can over-hydrate as well as under. Over hydrating with filtered, mineral devoid water can cause cramping, acheness, heart palpitations and tons of other negative effects.

If you subscribe to drinking a lot of filtered or bottled water then you should add minerals back in. Mineral supplements that are added to bottled water are pretty easy to get ahold of.

I use Celtic sea salt.

Here is one of my favorite ways to keep life stress lower for myself and my family.

Link to find the book on Amazon

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