Farmington Chiropractor Talks Vitamin C for Running and Accident/Injury Recovery

Farmington Chiropractor Talks Vitamin C for Running and Accident/Injury Recovery

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We love running and it's that perfect time of year when we can hit the trail in the early am and still catch the cool breeze on our faces.

This simple and inexpensive supplement is powerful.

It can boost your running performance.

Not only that, but it can help with allergy symptoms and speed injury recovery in Farmington.

If given to healthy young athletes, they consistently perform better and recover faster after running a race.

It also boosts cardio health, because it's a great anti-oxidant.

How Vitamin C Helps Injury Recovery in Farmington

The humble vitamin C.

Here is how to take it in a way that can boost performance.

But only under doctor supervision at Desert Hills Chiropractic in Farmington, especially when taking higher doses.

3000 mg per day for adults.

This dose may bother some tummies, so you could split it up throughout the day.

Or you can grab some buffered vitamin C and take the dose even higher. Up to 10,000 mg a day.

At doses like these, it can even help fight infection and other diseases.

Does it have side effects? Some headaches have been reported that resolved when the doses were lowered.

I have personally taken 95,000 mg per day, every day for weeks at a time.

A dose that high has been shown to help fight certain types of cancer!! Rock on Vit C.

Doses like that can only be administered by IV, and only under medical supervision.

3,000 mg a day is my recommendation for most fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients in the clinic.

It is also the dose I recommend to my patients at Desert Hills Chiropractic right after whiplash and other accident injuries.

Muscles heal much better and with less scar tissue when Vit C is on hand.

Vit C is a safer anti-inflammatory than NSAID's. Taking NSAID's after an accident injury will slow the healing process, and you don't heal up as well.

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