What Red Light & Laser Therapies Do For You in Farmington

What Red Light & Laser Therapies Do
For You in Farmington

Red Light Therapy in Farmington NM

These kinds of therapies at home and in clinics are becoming more and more common.

Some are cheap. Some will cost you a second mortgage.

So what's all the buzz and about? Here's is the low-down, no punches pulled.

Can You Benefit From Red Light Therapy in Farmington?

Does red, and infrared light affect the body in a positive way?

It does.

Those wavelengths of light cause a chemical reaction in the body at the micro-cellular level.

The light breaks down a chemical that interferes with cell energy and healing.

It also charges and stimulates the cell's power plants - the mitochondria. At the same time, it causes micro blood vessel dialation and increases blood flow to an injured area.

The light energy is absorbed by mitochondria and converted directly into power for the cell.

It causes localized vasodilation. Think better blood flow to an area.
Better blood flow works hand in hand with increased cellular activity.

Add all that up, and you get faster healing times, better recoveries and less pain.

Now about the conditionals.

The treatment at Desert Hills Chiropractic in Farmimgton has to deliver enough energy to cause a healing reaction, but not so much that the area is over stimulated.

There is a sweet spot for the power the therapy has and how long treatment takes.

The clinical strength machines have protocols, and those are important.

At-home therapies are a little different.

They are generally much less expensive and much less powerful.

This means less chance of over-treating and longer treatment times.

It also means less tissue penetration at effective strengths. So, it difficult to help heal a deeper injury like the spine and hip or larger joints like knee and shoulders.

At home therapies work very well with consistent use and surface injuries, think ankles hands and feet.

You can see our class four MLS laser that we use at Desert Hills Chiropractic in use here.

Overall these therapies speed healing about 100% and have a proven track record for helping to heal injuries and wounds that can't heal on there own.

I expect these to become more available at stronger strengths at home, and much more mainstream.

There is tons of research going on right now, especially to heal concussions and other brain injuries.

Here for you 100%!

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