Is It Important, Or Just Urgent?

Is It Important, Or Just Urgent?

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I turned off my phone. My head felt a little clearer, the waters of my mind began to calm. I opened the door of my silver hatchback and stepped into the chilly drizzle of the afternoon in Burg Park, Farmington NM.

That sweet musty smell of fall leaves and wet earth greeted me. I began to walk. It was a bit too cold for me but I had forgotten my jacket, so I all I had was a t-shirt and my driving gloves.

I'm sure I was a strange sight to the other walkers on the trail, those jogging outfitted super cool people.

I smiled as they passed and let my mind ponder over what is really important in my life. I realized time had gotten away from me, and urgent tasks had been my focus over the summer.

There is a difference between what is important, and what is urgent. Very often what is urgent will steal away our time without rewarding us in return.

So many things in life seem so urgent as if you could somehow finish them all and just beyond that reach a place where you could just enjoy....

I hope you can take a step away from the urgent calling of so many things and identify what is important to you.

Make the "important" the priority because the "urgent" will never be satisfied.

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