Gratitude: Enjoying The Small Things in Farmington

Gratitude: Enjoying The Small
Things in Farmington

Family in Farmington NM

It was a simple moment. We shared it laying on the carpet playing a game that she has no idea how to play, because she isn't old enough to read.

My daughter and I shared a simple little moment. They are so easy to miss....

I was in a rush to get ready and get out the door. I could have missed it. I have missed it. The little moment when the joy of life pops up and asks for my recognition.

These little moments are such fragile things. Every urgency and necessity and "I have to be here or there" can break them.

I keep coming back to the idea that the joy of life is not something big. It is something tiny and fragile, easy to push aside and miss altogether.

The little moments of time where a connection is made with another person. Those are precious.

I have missed so many of these chasing something that seems big and important.

But those big and important things don't add to my joy, they don't make me smile when I remember them.

Make some memories that make you smile this Thanksgiving. Honor those little moments. Give them gratitude by acting on them.

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